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Meetings scheduled at Bible Christian!

Regular Meetings
Sunday 10.15am Junior Church Chapel then Church Hall
10.15am Worship Service Chapel
6.00pm Gospel Service Chapel
Tuesday (Not in January or August) 7.30pm Mid Week Prayer and Bible Study. Church Hall
Sunday Speakers for this month and the next

This Month

Next Month

Date Time Speaker Date Time Speaker
05/11/2017 10.15am Geoff Fox 03/12/2017 10.15am TBA
6.00pm Pastor Rodney Orr 6.00pm TBA
12/11/2017 10.15am Nigel Fox 10/12/2017 10.15am TBA
6.00pm Tony Rowe 6.00pm TBA
19/11/2017 10.15am Pastor Andrew Chapple 17/12/2017 10.15am TBA
6.00pm Tony Harris 6.00pm TBA
26/11/2017 10.15am Rev. Robert Amess. 24/12/2017 10.15am TBA
6.00pm 6.00pm TBA
      31/12/2017 10.15am TBA
  6.00pm TBA

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