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Sunday 14th January 2018.

Come let us sing for joy to the Lord. Let us shout aloud to the Rock of our Salvation. Psalm 95.1

We are so pleased that you are able to join with us today. If you are on holiday, please take our greetings back to your home church. We are here to worship our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The services this morning and evening will be taken by the Rev. Derek Cleave. We pray that both the Speaker and the hearers will receive a blessing from the Lord. The Lordís Supper will follow the service this morning, and all who love the Lord are invited to join with us on this special occasion.
Lordís Table servers are to be Tony Hollow and David Cowling.

Door Stewards: David Cowling this morning and George White this evening.

Flower Distribution today is to be by Pat James.

Church Cleaning for 21st December is to be by Janice and Joel Perkin.

Notices for the week ahead.

Wednesday at 2:30pm in the Schoolroom, Ladies Meeting led by Shirley Holland. Ladies! We have a happy time. If you donít already come, why not give it a try.

Wednesday at 7:30pm, Carbis Bay House Group to be at Andrew and Sueís home. They will start studying 2 John. If you have not been to a 'House Group' how about coming to one near you? These times are both helpful and encouraging. We get to know each other better, and also get to know more about the Lord.

SERVICES  SUNDAY 21st January 2018.

10:15am - Junior Church.

10:15am - Ken Trestrail.

6:00pm - Alan Rose.

Door Stewards: Tony Hollow in the morning and Alan Rose in the evening.

Flower Distribution by Nancy White.

Church Cleaning for 28th January to be by Susan and Andrew Care.

Claire is going on steadily, but still needs much prayer. She remains positive, and thanks us all for our prayers. We still need to continue in our prayers for Sheila, Jane, Vera, and Ted and Margaret. Also for Rita and Arthur in the Care Homes. Please pray for Maurice and Trish as they are up north for the funeral of Trishís Mother. In this bad weather pray for journeying mercies as they travel home. Continue to pray for those in need in our town, and for those who mourn.

Sheila and family would like to thank the fellowship for the expressions of their love and care on the occasion of Johnís funeral.

Please remember to collect stamps for Slavic Gospel Association funds. There is a collecting jar in the Schoolroom.

All the services in the Chapel are recorded and are available to purchase or to borrow. See Maurice Jackson or Joel Perkin if you would like to have one.

Thought for the Week: God is a safe place in lifeís storms.


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