But You O Lord, are a God full of compassion and gracious. Long-suffering and abundant in mercy and truth. Psalm 86.15

We are pleased that you are able to join with us today, as we are here to worship our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. If you are on holiday, we welcome you and ask that you will please take our greetings back to your home church. The services this morning and evening will be taken by our Minister, the Rev. Edwin Myers and the service this evening by the Rev. Robert Amess. We pray that both the Speakers and hearers will receive a blessing from the Lord. The Lord’s Supper will form part of the service this morning and all who love the Lord are invited to join with us at this special time. Lord’s Table Servers to be Barry Stevens and Neil Davis.

Door Steward today is Alan Rose.

Church Cleaning for 19th May is to be by Ruth Trevorrow and Sandra Crocker.

Flower distribution today to be by Pat James.

Notices for the week ahead  

Monday at 7pm, Prayer Meeting led by Maurice Jackson.

Tuesday at 10:30am, Daytime House Group in the Church Schoolroom.

Tuesday at 7:30pm, Prayer and Bible Study led by the Rev. Robert Amess.

Wednesday at 7:30pm, St Ives House Group at the home of Maggie and Neil Davis.

Wednesday at 7:30pm, Carbis Bay House Group at the home of Sue and Andrew Care.

Services for 19th May, 2019   

10.15am        Rev. Robert Amess.

6.00pm          Rev. Robert Amess. Lord’s Table Servers to be Andrew Care and George White.

Door Stewards to be David Cowling in the morning and George White in the evening.

Church Cleaning for 26th May to be by Gill and William Barber.

Flower distribution for 19th May to be by Nancy White.

Prayer meeting leader for 20th May to be John Couch.

Please continue to pray for Edward Jenkyn, he is now at Penzance again, his speech is very poor but he is expecting to be coming home in the coming week.. Following a further stay in hospital, Leah seems to be a bit better, after a change of tablets. Please continue to pray for her. There are still many in our Fellowship to pray for. Claire is still going on steadily. Please remember Mary Parsons, Jimmy and Vanessa Barber, Ted and Margaret Allford, Margaret and David Stratton, Vera Care. Iris Bidgood, and Joshua Peters. Margaret Trevorrow is very poorly with her treatment ongoing. Carol Gee is also quite unwell.  There are also many in the town who need prayer. Pray without ceasing! We need to remember the Christians in Sri Lanka, who have lost relatives, and are living in fear at this time. Please also pray for Drew Stewart, the son in law of Emileen Williams who attends at FSMC.

The freewill offering last Sunday amounted to £509.80 and £37 for the Church Hall costs.

Please also remember your stamps for the Slavic Gospel Association.

Band – Tea Weekend 25th – 27th May 2019

The weekend seeks to be a weekend full of witnessing, prayer, worship, relationship building, celebration and glorifying our amazing God. Historically the Whit Monday was a time where all the Sunday Schools within St. Ives would come together for a time of witness on the streets and celebration together – known as Band Tea or Sunday School Treat. This carried on for many years, yet in the last few years sadly, due to various reasons, the celebration came to a bit of a pause. However, over the last year, two separate individuals received visions for an event on the Island that held all the values of the historical Band Tea event, but modernised and adapted it for a new time. After a lot of prayer, discussion and thought – it was decided that this year would be a great time to go ahead. Now the event has received official confirmation from the Council and Insurance companies, we are able to share this with you – the local churches, and would love for you to be involved and become an important part of the weekend and organisation.

The vision looks at the whole weekend and seeks to involve everyone, from those with faith, those seeking and exploring, to those without. Therefore, each day looks slightly different and has an exciting plan attached to it.

SATURDAY 25th: The morning will start with 2 hours of open worship and prayer led by Worshipping Friends at St John’s In the Fields. (From 9am – 11am) The worship will then be moved down to the centre of town, with the band taking root in The Salvation Army, for those who wish to continue worshipping – or open for people to just drop in. (From 11.45 onwards).
Then from 1pm – 4pm (or whenever works best for the churches) the churches within the centre of the town are hoping to open their doors and hold different activities and opportunities. It is up to each church for what they would like to do and how they feel they would like to minister to the community. Some ideas churches have had so far includes: prayer stations, teas/coffee drop ins, worship bands, creative exhibitions linked to scripture etc.
During this time groups shall also be ministering on the streets, sharing Jesus personally and relationally through meeting people, chatting to them, praying for them, sharing testimonies and handing out bibles etc.
Then at 4pm – 4.30 ish for those who wish to, there will be a short time of prayer and worship- to thank God for all he is doing and for the opportunities that arose from the afternoon.

SUNDAY 26th: In the afternoon at 3pm a united open air service on the Island for a time of worship, gospel message and coming together for all local churches.

MONDAY 27th: The Band Tea Event open to the public from 11am – 4pm. The bottom corner of the Island (nearest Porthmeor) will play host to an open-air celebration event – free for all to attend. The structure of the day will be centred around 3 Christian musician/worship acts sandwiched between pockets of teaching and testimonies. Yet, within the day there are lots of other opportunities to communicate with others, communicate with God and grow in faith and relationship with Him. Some of the other areas planned are: Messy church tent Prayer tent Connect area (to connect people with local fellowships) Free light refreshments (Cream Teas/Saffron Buns etc) Prayer Labyrinth/maze And a few family fun activities such as a bouncy castle etc.

Thought for the Week

Who can you share God’s love with today?