Palm Sunday

Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord. Peace in heaven and glory in the highest. Luke 19.

We are pleased that you are able to join with us on this Palm Sunday, as we are here to worship our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. If you are on holiday, we welcome you and ask that you will please take our greetings back to your home church. The services this morning and evening will be led by the Rev. Robert Amess. We pray that both Speaker and hearers will receive a blessing from the Lord. The Lord’s Supper will follow the service this evening and all who love the Lord are invited to join with us at this special time. There is a basket in the foyer to receive offerings for the Food Bank. Lord’s Table Servers to be Joel Perkin and Alan Rose.

Door Steward today is Neil Davis.

Church Cleaning for 21st April is to be by Sue and Andrew Care.

Flower distribution today to be by Janice Perkin.

Notices for the week ahead

Tuesday Prayer and Bible Study at 7.30pm Speaker to be Pastor Edward Paynter.

Good Friday 8.30am  Special Communion Service.

Services for 21st April, 2019. Easter Day.

10.15am          Rev. Edwin Myers. Lords Table Servers to be Tony Hollow and Neil Davis.

6.00pm            Rev Robert Amess

Door Steward to be Howard Jenkyn.

Flower distribution to be by Nancy White.

Church Cleaning for 28th April to be by Rachel Hollow and Nicola Couch.

Please continue to pray for Edward Jenkyn. He is very poorly. Please pray!  Leah still needs prayer.  Although the operation has been successful, she is in a lot of pain from her back. There are still many in our Fellowship to pray for. Claire had treatment this past week, but is still going on steadily. Please remember Mary Parsons, Jimmy and Vanessa Barber, Ted and Margaret Allford, Margaret and David Stratton and Vera Care. Also pray for Allie Bygrave and Iris Bidgood and Joshua Peters. Although Margaret Trevorrow is better than she was, treatment is ongoing and she is not well. Please also pray for Carol Gee who is unwell.  Pray without ceasing! 

The Funeral Service in Penzance for the Rt. Revd. Prof. W. Stephens will be held on Wednesday 17th April at 2.30pm at Chapel Street Methodist Church Penzance.

Come and enjoy an ‘EASTER TEA’ on Thursday 18th April from 2 – 4pm. Hot Cross Buns and Cakes in the Church Hall.

Congratulations to Tricia and Andrew from Cheltenham who are celebrating their Ruby Wedding today!

Please also remember your stamps for the Slavic Gospel Association.

Thought for the Week

When once you have seen Jesus, you can never be the same.