Come, let us bow down in worship.  Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.  For He is our God, and we are the people of His pasture, the flock under His care. Psalm 95.6&7.

We are pleased that you are able to join with us.  If you are on holiday, please take our greetings back to your home church.  We are here to worship our risen Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The service this morning will be taken by Lester Scott, and the service this evening will be taken by our Deacon, the Revd. Stephen Richardson.  We pray that both Speakers and hearers will receive a blessing.

Door Steward today is Howard Jenkyn.

Church Cleaning for 13th January 2019 is to be by Ruth Trevorrow and Sandra Crocker.

Flower distribution to be by Ruth Trevorrow.

Notices for the week ahead  

Prayer Meeting leader tomorrow at 7pm will be Howard Jenkyn.

Services for Sunday 13th January, 2019

10.15am     Revd. Peter Stephens  (Covenant Service)

 6.00 pm     Revd. Robert Amess

 Door Steward to be Neil Davis

 Church Cleaning for 20th January to be by William and Gill Barber.

 Flower distribution to be by Pat James.

Monday 14th January  at 7pm the Prayer Meeting leader will be Alan Rose.

Claire has had quite a good week with her family.  The next treatment is due for 14th January. Please keep praying. There are still many in our Fellowship to pray for.  Please remember Mary Parsons Ted and Margaret Allford, Margaret and David Stratton, Vera Care, Jimmy and Vanessa Barber, and Ron Watkins.  Please keep praying!  Don’t forget to continue to pray for Allie Bygrave, Barbara Andrewartha and Iris Bidgood.

There are also several in the Church family in St Ives who are mourning the loss of loved ones.  Please think of them particularly.

Message from Barry and Margaret Stevens, Leah is going up to Bristol Children’s Hospital tomorrow, ready for heart surgery on Tuesday.  Please will the Fellowship pray for Leah and family at this time.

Please remember to pray for those who are not as fortunate as we are.  There are many suffering the loss of loved ones through the Indonesian tsunami, and are terrified of another.  Also many Christians are really being persecuted, and even losing their lives, just because they believe as we do. 

We must also pray for our country, and its leaders.  We pray that they will  turn to God, and ask what He wants, instead of always thinking of their own agenda.

Churches Together, Cornwall are holding a daily 30 minute service at 11.30am each day from 18th to 25th January, 2019 (except Sunday) at Truro Methodist Church.  Please let people know about this, and if you should be in Truro during this period, you would be very welcome

Please remember your stamps. The proceeds from the sale of these go to the Slavic Gospel Association.

Thought for the Week.When we bend our knees to pray, God bends His ear to listen!