Circuit Conference

at Chapel Street Methodist Church, Penzance on Saturday 28th September.

10.00 – 12.30 (Coffee from 9.45)

A united meeting of all 18 Methodist Churches, their Church Councils, and other interested members.

This will be a meeting to suggest radical ways to move forward and not, as we have often done, to bemoan our problems*.

All our churches are different and have their own challenges, but deep down we all know that our churches must change or die. (Dying is an option, and if you are content that your church dies with you because you love it the way it is, this is not a meeting for you.)

But if you are not content that your church will run out of people, and money, and energy, there are real possibilities for change and we will talk about these honestly and openly. If you are prepared to have courage and vision, if you are prepared to hold to Jesus and let a lot of other things go, then He can use this Circuit to grow His Kingdom and He will bless us. Now is all the time there may be, and this is the time to grasp the opportunities that remain.

* Problems like these which need fixing:

Not enough preachers to fill the plan

Many chapels with small and elderly congregations

Problem buildings

Worship that we might like, but no-one else much wants to come to

The same-sex marriage debate

Larger churches with ageing congregations and a dearth of new Christians

Pray God of Justice, you have given us the chance to vote. Help us to reflect and use our votes wisely to tackle injustice where we see it, and to pray for countries where people do not have the opportunity to vote.
God of Love, you tell us to love our neighbours as ourselves. Help us to participate in elections in ways which demonstrate our love for our neighbour, and to wrestle with what the common good means for us today.
God of Transformation, you have called some people to put themselves forward as candidates. Help them as we debate their ideas for a better world and support them as they experience the strain and privilege of election. We ask these things in the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

A Morning of Training, Inspiration and Sharing for Preachers


Saturday 13th April, 10:00 -12:30 (9:30 for coffee) at Chy an Gweal

Revd. Alastair Bolt will lead a study morning covering such topics as:

  • preaching from the Bible more effectively;
  • preaching to response;
  • preaching sermons people really want to come and hear.

There will be time for questions and discussion. Please bring your Bible and something to take notes with.

All preachers in the West Cornwall and Fore Street Circuits are invited and we very much hope you will be able to attend.