Advent – Week 1…….

“At that time people will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great
power and glory” Mark 13:26 (NIV)           

Hi everyone,

Last week I spoke about rebuilding; the rebuilding of our society and culture. As Christians this is our task, spurred on by the anticipated return of the One we live for.

In our “enlightened” 21st century there is a new culture which holds to the view that the return of Jesus is a nice thought, but will it ever happen! In fact, it would seem that the season of Christmas in our new culture is all about families getting together and sharing presents.

It is very encouraging that the Government is giving the population the opportunity to celebrate Christmas this pandemic year. As Christians, let us use this opportunity to convey the real reason for the season.

The real reason is not so much an act of remembrance that God came to us in a Child, but that this Child will return someday. This is what we reflect upon during the season of Advent. Advent is more than a count down / up to Christmas Day. It is a reminder of what is coming. We do this every year, lest we forget.

The passage quoted above is Jesus having a conversation with his disciples. In response to a comment made by the disciples, Jesus points their focus on the future; not the past or the buildings that symbolise the past. It is interesting that he said these things before his death, resurrection and ascension. We would remember that the angels said that Jesus would return on the clouds. When he does so, it will be with great power and glory.

Indeed, the traditional Christian view is that Jesus is coming back, and in his coming back only then will the world be restored / completely rebuilt. It won’t be anything like what it is now, or even as originally intended to be. It will be far beyond our deepest dream and desire! Advent is a time to rediscover the reality of this promise of return, and to live in hope anticipated!

Happy Advent,