Focur Our Attention on…

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal ” 2 Corinthians 4:18 (NIV)

Dear friends,

What a week and weekend this has been! People have reacted in so many different ways to the G7 summit taking place on their doorstep. Some have been excited by the activity. Others have been in awe at the scale in arranging such an event. Some have been anxious and fearful.

For those of us on the “outside” of the event, we will not know the idiosyncrasies of the people involved in the discussions and policies made. We will also not know all the details of the conversations that would have taken place over meals and teas. What we do know is that, as world leaders, they did talk about global issues.

This week and weekend has been covered in Christian prayer all over the country and the world. As with most prayers, we may not see the full result of the prayers, nor know the timing of when they will be answered. In one sense, the pandemic has offered an opportunity for this event to be covered in prayer to a much greater degree than any previous G7 summit. People
from around the world have been able to pray in “real time” via Zoom.

One of the “hot” topics (no pun intended) is the global climate crisis. As Christians we need to remind humanity that we need to care; nurture and use this wonderful gift with self-less responsibility. We need to be responsible with the world, and to do so thinking as a collective, not as an individual. This is a great challenge, as our human nature is to be selfpreserving
and see things we have as “ours”.

However, in the midst of the need to be proactive in making the world able to continue to sustain life; it is necessary to be aware that all that is around us is temporary in the eternal scheme of things. Paul reminds us that what we see is not going to last forever. It is what we don’t physically “see” that is eternal. In the Old Testament God tells us through Isaiah that the earth will wear out (Isaiah 51:6). In Revelation we read of a new heaven and new
earth (Rev 21:1).

This life will eventually be replaced by a new one beyond our imagining! There is another realm, the realm of eternity. This is hope. Are we prepared to take responsibility for that reality?