Lent 1…

“…the Father has sent His Son to be the Saviour of the world.” 1 John 4:14 (NIV)

Dear friends,

This Sunday marks the beginning of Lent. In the past week we had Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Did you have pancakes on Tuesday? Are you ready for fasting, prayer, reading the Bible and a time of reflection over the next few weeks?

Lent is a time to remember the period that Jesus was in the wilderness; spending time fasting, praying and then dealing with temptation. An interesting parallel exists between what He was experiencing and what many are experiencing in our present time. Many are having the feeling of being in a wilderness, and being confronted with temptations. Living during a global pandemic is causing people to experience a wilderness of isolation. The pandemic is exposing people to fear and the temptation to give in to it. Remember, Jesus overcame. We can too. We are able to get through this as we allow Jesus to hold our hand and guide us through the wilderness; on the path that He can see and we cannot.

Lent is a time to prepare for Holy Week, Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. It is a time to remember Who Jesus is and why He came.

The BBC is broadcasting a series called “A perfect planet”. You may have watched it. It is presented by Sir David Attenborough. If you have watched the trailers of the programme, you might have found it interesting the phraseology been used. David, now at a very mature age, mentions that this planet is perfect, and everything is perfectly placed for life to be. Those
are amazing words; because as Christians we know that to be true. The Bible says as much. In the episode about humans, David says the world was perfect, until humans entered the world and have put everything off balance. Again, amazing words! This statement is half true. The world was perfect even with humans. It was only when humans chose to ignore the
Creator of perfection, that the world is now off balance.

When lawlessness, which is sin, entered our world; imperfection entered in too. God’s desire is for the perfection to be restored. It is for this reason that “the Father sent His Son to be the Saviour of the world”. It is for this reason that Jesus faced death, overcame death and was raised to perfect life.

Let us use Lent to look into the Face of Perfection, Jesus our Saviour,